Edge-directed Geometric Partitioning for Versatile Video Coding


To improve the coding performance, geometric partition (GEO) was proposed for the upcoming VVC standard. GEO provides 140 partition candidates. The index of optimal GEO mode needs to be signaled explicitly. Considering different structural characteristics of different CUs and the correlation between spatial adjacent blocks and temporal collocated blocks, we propose a GEO mode prediction strategy by constructing a Most Probable Mode (MPM) list to reduce the overhead of GEO index and improve coding efficiency. Based on the observation of the high correlation between the partition mode and object boundaries, an edge-directed geometric partition scheme is proposed to construct the MPM list according to spatio-temporal edge information. The proposed method provides an objective BD-rate gain of 0.58% and 1.00% on average for RA and LDB configurations compared to VTM-6.0. Besides, it also promotes the visual quality of object boundaries.

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo